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Dave [A picture of me!] Green

Serious! stuff

My work homepage contains various links to my astronomical work that is available on the Web. These include:

Not Serious! stuff

My sporting interests include -- or have included -- coxing, cricket and croquet. I don't have any pictures of me playing croquet, and I gave up coxing a few years ago (although there are a few pages with pictures of me coxing in years gone by).

Me in cricket action
Me in cricket action, 2005 July.

As for cricket, I play for Remnants Cricket Club -- go on, tonk it boys!

My career averages are available, and 2015 was my best batting year for a while: with a 15, 0 (a golden duck) and 9 not out, to average 12 in the season. (The previous best was back in 2006, averaging over 15, helped by top scoring in an internal game).

And, to the right is a slide show of some of pictures from our 2016 season.

Remnants Cricket Club photos, 2016

Alternatively, if all of that above is not of interest to you, then maybe you are looking for a some other Dave Green? Although I'm not sad enough to have put together a list of other people with the same name as me, some other (sadder) Dave Green did... but the page is now dead. However, thanks to the Internet Archive, you can still see and old version of the Dave Green list (which isn't very complimentary about me!).

And finally, try Dave Green at (which, the last time I checked, had a very good first entry... but I wonder to which Dave Green it refers!).

(This address is not for commercial e-mail!)

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